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For years researchers have struggled to find patterns in their data, such as correlations, contributions, cause and effect relationships, trends, and predictability. Partek® Discovery Suite™ is dedicated to providing the tools necessary to find patterns, solve complex pattern analysis and recognition problems, and give dynamic interactive data visualization.

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With Partek Discovery Suite, you can easily import, analyze, and visualize numeric data, and share findings with other researchers in your organization. It integrates modern methods of data analysis and visualization with classical statistics enabling researchers to quickly find solutions to a wide variety of pattern analysis and recognition problems. The Analytical Spreadsheet® does not impose limits to the number of rows or columns it contains, so analyzing, editing, and processing large data sets in Partek Discovery Suite is easy. 

Choose from a wide variety of statistical and numerical functions, transformations, and tests. All graphs and visualizations are fully interactive with the Analytical Spreadsheet® allowing you to drill deep into your data for greater understanding. In addition, Partek Discovery Suite can conveniently import and integrate with a variety of third party applications, data-bases, and websites.


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