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Quickly Identify Leads, Reduce Noise, and Correct Quality Issues in Your HTS Data

Partek® Screening Solution™ is an integrated suite of powerful statistical analysis and interactive visualization tools that enable researchers to quickly and reliably identify promising lead compounds from plate-based high throughput screening campaigns.

Easily import your chemical and biological data into Partek Screening Solution where you can normalize, scale, filter, and do many other transformations. Use the proven parametric and nonparametric statistical tests within Screening Solution to test the patterns you find visually, uncover data quality issues, and to remove technical batch effects thereby reducing noise to improve data quality. In addition, direct interaction and manipulation of the data enables you to drill down for more details, or out for higher level information, and interactively select data for export or processing.

Interactive Views to Uncover Patterns

Partek Screening Solution provides a wide variety of interactive views to give you unique insight into the patterns hiding at different levels of your screening data. With these views you will be able to easily select active compounds, identify outlier plates, and identify quality issues like edge effects, drifts in time, and other effects, including those due to reagent and other batches. All views are interactively linked so that selection or filtering causes all views to automatically update the associated data.

Partek Screening Solution enables you to make quality decisions about your HTS data by combining reliable advanced statistics and interactive visualizations.


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