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Point-and-Click Genomic Data Analysis

Partek Flow is an easy-to-use analysis solution for next generation sequencing data. With just a few clicks, any biologist can build a data analysis pipeline that goes from raw files to meaningful results and publication-quality figures.

Partek Flow can analyze a wide variety of genomic data including:


  • DNA-Seq
  • ChIP-Seq
The Tools You Need, The Ease You Want

Partek Flow implements the most popular community-developed and Partek-developed bioinformatic tools in a point-and-click interface to make it easy to:

  • Align reads to any reference genome
  • Check sequencing and alignment
  • Quantify gene or transcript counts
  • Normalize counts
  • Identify differentially expressed genes and transcripts
  • Detect alternative splicing of transcripts
  • Perform biological interpretation with GO terms and KEGG pathways
  • Detect variants and copy number changes
  • Filter variants based on functional effect predictions
  • Explore your data with interactive 3D PCA and t-SNE
  • Visualize results with configurable heat maps, dot plots, and violin plots
  • Share results with collaborators
  • And much more!

Want more?
Watch the analysis of an RNA-Seq study in Partek Flow

Partek Flow on a Tablet Device
Intuitive for Biologists

Partek Flow is designed to make it easy for any biologist to analyze their own data.  

  • Point-and-click analysis. No command line or coding experience needed.
  • Easy to try. Get started with pipelines built by Partek scientists and bioinformaticians.
  • Get your figure. Create, customize, and save your own visualizations with just a few clicks.
  • Replicate your results. Automatically generate summary report details and audit trails of your analysis steps.
  • All in one solution. Perform your entire analysis in Partek Flow – no need to move data or use multiple programs.
  • Focus on science, not IT. Data storage, library file management, and computational power are handled by Partek. All you need is a web browser to perform your analysis.
  • Minimize hands-on time. Queue up analyses and receive an email when your results are ready.
  • Analyze with confidence. World-wide, world-class technical support by email or by phone.
Powerful for Bioinformaticists

Partek Flow has the power, flexibility, and advanced tools bioinformaticists and system administrators demand.  

  • Install Partek Flow on a local server, compute cluster, or cloud
  • Configure any parameter in any tool and save custom settings
  • Re-prioritize tasks in the queue
  • Control user access to ensure security and enable collaboration
  • Save, reuse, and share custom pipelines
  • Implement custom tools with user added tasks
  • ​Automated control through our REST API
Powerful for Bioinformaticists

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