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Partek® Pathway™ integrates with Partek Genomics Suite to allow you to interactively browse the KEGG database, then apply advanced statistical models for accurate results.

  • Calculate pathway enrichment
  • Detect disrupted or influential pathways
  • Search for specific pathways and genes
  • Color code genes based on their p-values and fold changes
Pathway ANOVA

Traditional pathway analysis of gene expression experiments rely on gene list filtering strategies that often fluctuate, omit important information, are difficult to reproduce, and yield pathway results that are biased. Partek Pathway software offers a solution with more accurate results through the use of the Pathway ANOVA statistical model.

Key advantages:

  • More statistical power leading to better pathway results
  • Apply Pathway ANOVA directly upon imported data, no need to pre-filter
  • Unlimited and unbiased biological interpretation
  • Ability to rank pathways by p-value
  • Identification of subtle expression changes that impact pathways
  • Pinpointing of pathways with genes changing in opposite directions and uncover relationships where the higher expression of a gene may silence another in the same pathway
  • Flexible pathway visualizations with the ability to overlay fold changes and p-values in pathway elements for clear visualization of gene relationships
  • Reproducible pathway results

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