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Start-to-finish Analysis Solution for NGS and Microarray Analysis

Partek software enables researchers to easily perform genomic data analysis without ever needing to write a single line of code or sacrificing statistical power or advanced functionality. From alignment to pathway analysis, Partek provides a seamless, integrated analysis solution on a single platform that provides the power of a cloud or cluster when needed, and the convenience of desktop software for less compute intensive tasks. Enter the analysis pipeline where it makes sense for your study.

 Intuitive Interface
Intuitive Interface

Each Partek software product features an easy to navigate interface and analysis pipelines that guide even the most novice users step-by-step through the data analysis process. Many customers tell us that our software is the easiest-to-use genomic analysis software they have ever tried.

Our customers choose Partek because:

  • Importing data is easy
  • It does not require command line expertise, just simple point-and-click actions
  • User interface is informative and employs easy-to-understand dialogs
  • Application-specific analysis workflows and pipelines guide users step-by-step
  • Visualizations are rich, dynamic and remain linked to the original data source


Powerful Statistics

We use a combination of public domain and custom statistical analysis algorithms in our software. Each has undergone rigorous testing to verify mathematical correctness and optimized to give the most accurate analysis possible. Partek software provides in-depth statistics without you having to be a statistician and displays the results in interactive visualizations that allow you to be confident in the accuracy of your analysis.

Examples of statistical algorithms in Partek software:

  • Descriptive statistics
  • Normalization and scaling
  • Missing data imputation 
  • Data smoothing tools
  • Non-parametric tests
  • Survival analysis
  • Logistic regression
  • ANOVA: fixed, mixed and repeated measures designs
  • Count-based models (Poisson, Negative Binomial)
  • False discovery rate control 
  • Power analysis
  • Dimension reduction methods (PCA, Clustering, SOM)
  • Predictive model building tools
Descriptive statistics, exploratory statistics, hypothesis testing, predictive statistics
Interactive Visualizations
Interactive Visualizations

Visualizing genomic data in Partek software brings the biological story of your study to life in brilliant color. Our visualizations are interactive, dynamic and remain linked to their original data source. You can customize information on the fly and immediately re-visualize the changes. Once you find points of biological interest, you can export the visualization in publication-ready formats for inclusion in scientific papers. See how customers are using our visualization in their own publications




Worldwide, First-Class Support

With complimentary access to online tutorials, on-site trainings at a variety of locations annually, and one-on-one support via email and phone, you are never alone. Support scientists are based in United States, Europe, and Asia/Australasia. To learn more, visit our support page

Worldwide and World-class Support